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Master ACT Selection Round 2 – Results

Master ACT  Agriculture, Climate change, Transitions has selected its second group of students for the years 2017-2019.  19 candidates have applied . 8 candidates have been selected.

Download the results   here.

Please take good note this list has been corrected on June 15 (only about the training tracks for which the candidates are admitted). Apologies for this!

We warmly congratulate the selected students . Selected students should contact the secretariat for further registration. The orientation week of the course will start on August 21, in Vienna, Austria untill September 1. The OW is compulsory for all students wherever they start their M1 (at Montpellier, Seville or Galway).

Applications for 2016-2018 are still open untill July 10, 2017, for EU students only who will not require Shengen visa to arrive in EU.

We look forward meeting you in Vienna!