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Summer courses

The Joint Orientation Weeks and first Summer Course

At the opening of the course, all the Master ACT students attend a joint Orientation Weeks session.

This OW lasts two weeks, starting mid August. It it is given at Vienna, in Austria. In 2016, the OW will be given from August 22 to September 2.


  • to introduce the ACT programme to the students,
  • to inform them about the resources of the total consortium (beyond the 2 universities where they will study
  • and to start collective discussions between staff and students regarding their choice of optional modules.

The second objective of the Orientation Weeks is to give to the whole batch of students a common ground about climate change, wherever they go for their M1 afterwards .

A summer course of 2 ECTS (30 h) is offered to the whole of the new cohort incoming. The course is organised by the Meteorological Institute at Boku (Vienna).

Download details of the programme here

The Research Methodology Workshop and the second Summer Course

In between the first and the second year (M1 and M2), all students attend together a joint  Research Methodology Workshop

The Research Methodology Workshop is also two weeks long, and it includes two parts:

    • A summer course (3 ECTS, 45 h face to face), also organised by the Meteorological Institute at Boku on the Causes and consequences of the Climate change.
    • A research seminar jointly organised by the five participating Universities. This event is specially organised to prepare all the students to the strong research orientation of the M2, and to built up a common scientific corpus between the various training tracks.

The RMW is organised in Vienna, at the same place and the same date as the Orientation Weeks, so that it facilitates exchanges between arriving M1 students and their “older” M2 coursemates. This organisation finally exposes the students to various cultural and methodological backgrounds, while preserving a common scientific “identity card” of the Master ACT.

Download details of the programme here

The Agri-culture Summer Campus in Montpellier (France)

Given that the M2 Agricultural innovation and development option in Montpellier is given in French, students going for the M2 at Montpellier and who can not prove a B2 French level are invited to attend a Summer Campus in July and first half of August in between the year 1 and Year 2 of the ACT MSc.

The summer campus combines training in the language and updates in agriculture, including an on-farm internship, for those candidates who do not enough background in agriculture to start the M2..

This summer campus can also be attended by students starting the M1 at  Montpellier when they do not have yet the B2 level in french or/and when do not have their Bachelor in agriculture.

The general objectives of this course are twofold:

  • to improve students’ French level through intensive courses, lectures, outdoors visits and meetings with professionals.
  • to equip participants with knowledge and experience about the conditions of farming in Europe, through a 3 weeks individual internship in a family farm.

In 2016, the Summer Campus will take place in Montpellier from July, 4 to August 20.

Students having proved a B2 level or having French as a native language are exempted from French language courses. However, according to their academic or professional background, some of them may still have to follow the individual internship on farm in August and should therefore make sure they are in Montpellier end of July.

For ACT students, the training in the language of the M2 is part of the master course. Students who come to Montpellier for their M2 will hence be accepted to the Summer Campus free of charge.