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Master thesis & Diploma

Master thesis

The fourth semester of the Master ACT  is devoted to the Master thesis (S4, 30 ECTS) with a minimum of four months on the field, in most cases in a developing country in the Mediterranean or the tropical zones. The Master thesis is co-directed by academic staffs of both the M1 and the M2 universities.

The aim of the Master thesis is to provide the student with an opportunity to exert the theories, tools and methodologies taught in M1 and M2.

It generally responds to the request of a professional organisation, or to a question raised by a research project.

Since the master ACT is very close, in its way of operation, with the Master Agris mundus, read interviews from Agris Mundus alumni regarding their thesis in the first issue Agris mundus quarterly news 2010 and also Agris mundus newsletter from december 2010.

Also see recommendations for the master thesis by Mara Lindtner, Agris mundus graduate (2012-2014) here.


Following the successful completion of each year (M1 and M2), students are awarded a joint diploma, awarded and signed by the two Universities where the student has been studying the M1 and the M2.