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M1 Montpellier

M1 Programme – Montpellier SupAgro


The M1 in Montpellier is given in French during the first semester, whereas the students follow English language course in parallel. In the second semester; more and more courses are given in English.

Semester 1
Semester 2
Integrative active learning course on agricultural development
(5 ECTS, 3 weeks) with small groups tutorials case study on Amazonia/Europe
Agricultural sciences
(13 ECTS, 11 weeks)Plant sciences,Fertilisation and tillage, Pest control, Plant breeding, Livestock husbandry, Farming systems economic evaluation, Integrated analysis of farmers' practices: crop and livestock farming systems;
Climate smart agriculture bibliographic study
(7 ECTS, 3 separate weeks)
In situ farming systems assessment
(5 ECTS, 2 weeks), with fieldwork practical
Public policies, behaviours and sustainable development
(6 ECTS, 4 weeks): Challenges and definitions of sustainable agricultural development, environmental economics and public goods management;
Climate smart agriculture bibliographic study feedback seminar
(1 ECTS, 1 week,) Feed back workshop with professionals
Tutored internship
in a farm in an English speaking country or specific assignment (summer courses) (5 ECTS)
Students choose between Option 1 and Option 2

Opt. 1: Food and agricultural development in the South

Life Cycle Assessment and total costs
(6 ECTS, 2 weeks)
Agricultural project management
(4 ECTS - 2 weeks): Institutions for aid and public goods regulation, international organisations, project cycle, projects presentations by professionals
Integrative course Environment, agriculture and resources,with small groups tutorials
(8 ECTS - 4 weeks);

Opt. 2: Agroecology

The fundations of agroecology
(9 ECTS, 4 weeks)
The agroecological transition
(9 ECTS, 4 weeks)
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