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M1 Galway

The M1 period is from Sept to May, with 55 ECTS required from NUI Galway in this time period, and 5 ECTS from the Master ACT joint Summer courses.

September to December [students take all 6 modules = 27.5 ECTS]
1. Climate Change, Agriculture & Global Food Security (5 ECTS)
2. Soil Sciences (5 ECTS)
3. Agrophysiology of crops and animals (5 ECTS)
4. AgriBiological Responses to Climate Change (5 ECTS)
5. Project management and project planning (5 ECTS)
6. Perspectives in Agriculture & Food Security (2.5 ECTS)*

January to April [students take 6 modules = 27.5 ECTS]
1. Agriculture & AgriFood Systems (5 ECTS), including on-farm placement
2. AgriFood Sustainability & Agri-Resilience Challenges (5 ECTS)
3. Understanding AgriBusiness & AgriFood Market Trends (5 ECTS)
4. AgriFood Career, Communication & Impact Pathway Skills (5 ECTS) (includes language courses in the language of the M2 country)
5. Natural resources economics (5 ECTS)
6. Perspectives in Agriculture & Food Security (2.5 ECTS)*

5 additional ECTS are given by the two summer courses

Each module is examined by a combination of continuous assessment and written exams. Written exams are held in December and May of each academic year.
*The Perspectives in Agriculture and Food Security Module provides a range of different and multi-disciplinary perspectives & case studies on Agriculture and Food Security involving seminars and discussion with experts from government, research centres, universities, NGOs, private sector and other stakeholders.

The M1 in Galway is given in English.

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