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Information will soon be displayed here about

  • the training teams in the various locations where the studies are delivered,
  • and the ACT MSc secretariat  Dream TEAM, without whom you would not be able to read these pages


For general questions regarding the MSc Agriculture, Climate change, Transitions (admissions and practicalities) contact the secretariat , we shall do our best to respond as soon as possible.

You can use the message interface below, or contact one of us :

Master ACT secretariat : Gisèle André secretariat@master-act.eu Tel. + 33 467 61 70 28

Master ACT coordination: Didier Pillot coordinator@master-act.eu Tel. + 33 467 61 70 69

Master ACT Secretariat , Montpellier SupAgro, BP 5098

F- 34093 Montpellier Cedex 5, France

Students already admitted in the course who need to exchange with the contact staff in each of the Master ACT Universities can get in touch with them by using the following adresses:

Master ACT Montpellier : Sébastien Bainville montpellier@master-act.eu  Tel. +33 467 61 58

Master ACT Seville : Eva Torremocha  sevilla@master-act.eu

Master ACT Galway :  Peter Mc Keown  (Tel. +353 91 493 655) 

Master ACT Vienna : Maria Wurzinger and Benedik Becsi  vienna@master-act.eu

Master ACT Catania : Carmelo Rapisarda catania@master-act.eu

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