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Policy design and negotiation

Since land use is highly sensible to policies whatever these are dealing with land tenure, access to natural resources, goods and services provision, market integration, and/or they are the results of the international negotiation regarding GHG emissions and carbon markets regulations, ACT graduates have the capacity to analyse the impact of existing or foreseeable policies on (i) the farming systems as performed by the local stakeholders in one specific place, (ii) the local livelihoods taken globally (iii) the components of the environment and natural resources provision.

Based on this they can participate, at different levels (from local, regional, national to international) to the design, negotiation and evaluation of policies from this triple point of view. Experts in this function either work for public sector (ministries of agriculture or environment, international organisations, …), for international NGOs or for specific stakeholders organisations.


  • assess policies or evaluate impact;
  • experiment policy innovations including by organising experimental projects on the field;
  • prepare negotiations;
  • communicates about negotiations as well as on results.