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Advocacy officer

The development of actions and the extension of programmes on the field often require to master the communication about the problem (the relation between some agricultural system and the climate change, or more simply the carbon footprintof a value chain or an agricultural system), the programmes of research or development that are defined or/and the solutions that are offered.

Master Act is not a programme of training in communication as such, whereas communication is, in practice, a skill that is developed through the various exercises that are required in master ACT, including the final master thesis.

However, graduates with special skills in communication will find at master ACT the capacity to manipulate the technical and scientific content of the topic about which they need to communicate. This is of a particular advantage when the problem is complex, when no system, no solution is totally good or bad, black or white, while it remains critical to identify short and persuasive ideas coming out from research or development programs.


  • Participates to the design and analysis of policy’s measures to adaptation or mitigation strategies and their future impact on the agricultural context: environmental safeguards, life cycle assessments, carbon markets appraisals…
  • Negotiates with other stakeholders the communication programmes to be displayed;
  • Organises research and evaluations to assess results of programmes;
  • Collects data and information and organise it in a communicative way;
  • Communicates about the results by all kinds of means.