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Project leaders

By “project leader” we put together all functions that relate to preparing, implementing , monitoring and evaluating projects that address the development of agriculture in a context of climate change, or mitigate the contribution of land and natural resources use to climate change.

This category corresponds indeed to several professional profiles. In general, the same person however will go through several of them in her/his career. For example, she/he will start by working for a development organization on the field, at local level, implementing a project with the farmers and other local stakeholders. Later on she/he can shift to preparing projects for one country or a set of countries, monitoring them and evaluating them from the headquarters. Finally he/she can turn responsible of a number of programmes, each of them including asset of projects that together have a coordinated ambition.

Project officer on the field


  • Design and experimentation of technical or institutional innovations on the field or in the villages;
  • Change management & Impact assessment: supporting and measuring the implementation of change (studying farmers practices, testing new techniques, disseminating results);
  • Extend the access to complementary natural resources that decrease the pressure on the most critically used;
  • Facilitating access to services for cooperatives;
  • Experiment or extend micro insurance systems, early warning information systems;
  • Promote collective organization of farmers that are able to better manage the resources;
  • Monitor and follow up the implementation of these projects : collection of appropriate indicators, data processing, analysis and interpretation of results
  • Manage a team of technicians and social workers to implement the actions.

Programme manager at central office


  • Prepares projects in the domain of sustainable agricultural development : technical assessment, definition of the objectives, formulation of actions, choice of the indicators of success;
  • Participates to respond to calls for proposals;
  • Negotiates the conditions of execution: financial and human resources organisation, There is a strong component of project evaluation as external expert. On the field she/he gives the technical expertise to the local team responsible for the implementation;
  • Ensures the implementation of the projects through the coordination of the field activities as well as the other management activities: financial follow up, human resources development, logistical support;
  • Monitors and follows up the implementation of these projects : define specifications for evaluation, analysis of results, re-orientation of programmes;
  • Organises impact evaluations;
  • Valorises and communicates the results.