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The Master ACT can offer positions for a maximum duration of three months to selected third-country scholars from the Associated partners mainly.

The scholar will be integrated in the department organising ACT training  at the host university.

Invitations to do what?

It will be asked to him/her:

  • to lecture students on a topic for a time slot to be agreed upon and corresponding to the scholar’s field of expertise and availability,
  • to assist in the preparation, development and/or implementation of a practical seminar or case study organised for the Master ACT students and other students in rural development,
  • to explore potential collaboration between the Master ACT consortium and the home institution of the scholar.

In most of the times, these invitations are part of the cooperation programme that master ACT is running with its partners outside EU, either to exchange on training sources, or capacity building , either for joint research , or even for joint degrees  between ACT and Universities in the world that build similar programmes on agriculture and climate change.

How to proceed?

The application should:

  • mention the academic year the scholar applies for,
  • include a motivation pointing out the potential contribution to research and education in rural development,
  • produce an extensive CV, stating publication records, research activities, etc.


Duration of the visit

1 week to 3 months



Organized and proceeded by the Master ACT consortium on the basis of:

  • elective criteria, i.e. academic performance and credentials of the candidates,
  • potential contribution to research and education within the Master ACT framework,
  • potential partnerships with the home institution of the scholar.