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Lodging and local logistics

A) Accommodation

Cost of accommodation and cost of living may change significantly from one place to the other.


– Rent: 300 euros/month (University residence or shared flat)

+ Food expenses: 250 euros/month


– Rent: 300 €/month (shared University residence) to 450 €/month (shared flat or studio)

+ Food expenses:  300 euros/month


– Rent: 300 to 530 euros/month (University residence) to 600 euros/month (private studio)

+ Food expenses: 260 euros/month

Students are required to come with a certified birth certificate translated into French (this is mandatory to get the state financial support for lodging)


– Rent: 500 euros/month full board University residence or 350 euros/month shared flat

+ Food expenses: 250 euros/month


– Rent: 500 euros/month (University residence)

+ Food expenses:  400 euros/month


B) Bank account

Admitted students should open a personal bank account in the M1 study country (they will be supported by the M1 University’s International Relations office or Students Office).


C) Residence Permit

Once you arrive in your M1 University, the international office of the M1 University will help you to get a stay  permit, that will allow you also to travel within the Shengen area if you are in Montpellier or Seville.

You should get this stay permit, or a recepisse of the application , before you move to Vienna for the ACT Orientation Week. Hence you are supposed to atrrive to your M1 place around the 10-12 August.

Would you start in Galway, you can arrive in Vienna directly for the Summer course, with an Austrian visa, and then proceed to Galway, with your Irish visa.


D) General practicalities

Montpellier : look on the website at the page for the international students