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Master ACT congrats COP21 delegates for signature of the Paris Agreement

Master ACT welcomes the signature of the Paris agreements on climate change.

The commitments for the Green Fund and for the developing countries are important. We, at Master ACT, are sure this will generate important needs for qualified human resources. Design, extend and evaluate projects, programmes and policies on climate change adaptation and mitigation are challenging tasks ahead of us.

Coordinator presentation at COP21panneau who will act

Agriculture will also have to take its share of the efforts. Research, extension, capacity building are needed from now!

The representatives of master ACT present at COP21 had the chance of active discussions with non academic stakeholders from the civil society and economic world, key stakeholders for meeting the commitments brought forward by the 105 countries participants.


Eva Torremocha from Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sébastien Bainville from Montpellier SupAgro and Didier Pillot debate with the public of COP21 on the role of education in addressing taccord de paris 2he challenges of adaptation and mitigation.Eva at COP21Sebastien at COP21