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Month: August 2016

Since last Sunday, students and staff have arrived in Boku, Vienna, for the 1st master ACT summer school.

The first batch of  students are present, and they are coming from different countries to follow the M1.

The first general presentation was made by Didier PILLOT, coordinator of the master, followed by other ACT staff : Salvatore CONSENTINO (Catania), Peter MCKEOWN (Galway) and Sébastien BAINVILLE (Montpellier) for different presentations of the research programmes addressing climate change and agriculture at their universities. The respective programmes of these M1 and M2 have also been shared and actively discussed with the students. The programme in Sevilla is to be presented today.

Thanks to Lisa Kargl, from the international department of Boku University, team building exercises were organised in a park close to the University. We now know each other much better, a good point for building our international network on the topic!