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Month: December 2015

Message for potential candidates:

In one of our earlier “news” we had promised our call for candidates for December 18.

We have to aplogize to candidates that we are late. We still have to finetune the programme to avoid any misunderstanding when you apply.

Hopefully in the next days we can open, if not you shall have to wait till the early january. In all cases you are our Christmas gift : do not worry, we shall take you at the moment you come!

We wish to all of you our best greetings. 2015 has been the year of important progresses on the CC forefront. 2016 will be the one for putting all this into practice


Master ACT was  presented on December 2 and 4 to an audience of 50 youth innovators from all across the world who joined at Global Landscape Forum in Paris to solve 5 “landscape challenges” in parallel to the COP21.


Master ACT sponsored this meeting in order to critically discuss with Young Professionals from all over the world the job profiles we identified, the competences liked to these profiles and the curriculum we offer at the various tracks. Eva Torremocha from Seville, Sebastien Bainville from Montpellier SupAgro joined the coordinator Didier Pillot to engage debates with the youth.

Participants came with a number of recommendations that will soon be posted on this website, and the coordinator commited to respond to each of them. Some have already led to innovations in the programme proposed.

Participants also decided that representatives from the Youth will continue to be associated to the Master ACT’s Advisory Board in the future.